Project and Heavy Lift Transportation

We provide logistics services to your desired delivery point from all over the world with scenarios and solutions specially designed for your project within the scope of project transportation or in line with heavy transportation needs.

With services such as route determination, creation and presentation of road reports, control and inspection during loading or unloading, personal presence and reporting at every stage from loading to delivery, our professional and experienced staff is ready to serve as your solution partner by working with you as a team at every step of your project from preparation to analysis, from design to planning.

The services we offer in the field of project and heavy transport are as follows:

  • Land, air, sea and combined transportation solutions for all project cargo transportation
  • Renting of all kinds of full charter, part charter commercial vessels, pontoon and river type vessels
  • Availability of crawler / mobile cranes and scrolling and lifting equipment
  • Load securing operations
  • Packaging and enwrapping services
  • Engineering services, route studies and preparation of road reports
  • Logistics planning, transportation drawings, transportation simulations studies, risk analysis
  • Port / field operations, supervision of transports
  • Logistics process and project management

Contact Us About Project and Heavy Lift Transportation

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