Ethical Rules include the principles that Turkon Logistics employees must abide by while performing their duties, and principles regarding the working order. The purpose of these principles is to prevent any dispute and conflict of interest that may arise between employees, customers, suppliers, public administrations and our institution.

In fact, ethical rules are among the fundamental human measures such as fairness, honesty and morality, and form the basis of individual human relationships and all other social relations.Attitudes and behaviors contrary to these rules are unacceptable.


1.1.a - As a measure of recruitment and employment, to seek the qualifications of suitability for work, competence and merit, to ensure equality of opportunity without any discrimination and to bring in qualified and hardworking young people and experienced professionals who will take our Group forward,

1.1.b – To provide equal opportunities and opportunities for the training, guidance and development of employees;

1.1.c - Rewarding success, increasing motivation and loyalty to the company through fair and competitive wage policies, effective and objective performance evaluation systems and practices;

1.1.d - Providing clean, healthy and safe working conditions which foster transparent and mutual respect, where cooperation and solidarity are the most important factors;

1.1.e – Not to share private information about employees with third parties without the employee's consent and knowledge, except for legal obligations,

1.1.f – Only within the context of the contract with the Employer, to use any data to be shared with the employees and / or acquired / to be acquired during the execution of the Contract and defined as Personal Data and Special Personal Data within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698 and other related laws; and not to transfer this data to third parties or institutions in any way, except in cases that are contractually permitted and meet the conditions of transfer, or not to use it in any other contractual relationship or other commercial or non-commercial activity;

1.1.g – Employees respect universal and fundamental human rights. These rights are based on the understanding that all human beings are born free and are equal in dignity and rights. People have reason, will and conscience and with these characteristics, they have basic human rights they have from birth. Turkon Logistics employees always observe and prioritize fundamental human rights.

1.1.h - Employees pay regard on the basic animal rights, and are sensitive and liable for the shelter, surveillance, keeping animals away from maltreatment, protecting their living environments, ensuring their health and safety, especially the right to life of animals.

1.1.i - Employees do not disturb the environment and the order of nature in their work areas, do not harm clean water, air, soil, flora and other natural resources, which are the basic life support units of human life; on the contrary, they show the required sensitivity in taking protective measures by proposing investments as much as possible when necessary.



1.2.a - To protect all rights and interests of the shareholders as determined by law;

1.2.b - To make maximum effort to create value in return for the resources provided by the shareholders, to distribute the resulting profit to the shareholders in accordance with the financial legislation or to convert it into investment;

1.2.c - Guaranteeing that the matters that need to be disclosed regarding the companies are declared to the shareholders and the public in a complete, timely and accurate manner;

1.2.d - Ensuring that the company resources entrusted to us are handled without deviating from the values of confidence and fairness, optimal productivity and sustainable growth and profitability;




2.1.a - Always abiding by the law.

2.1.b - To fulfill its duties within the framework of basic moral and humanitarian values, to avoid any personal behavior and attitude that could damage the reputation of the Company.

2.1.c - For whatever purpose, not to gain unfair profit from individuals and organizations, not to take or give bribes, to prevent such actions to the extent that they are aware of, to adopt the fight against all kinds of corruption as a basic principle of his/her life and to act accordingly.

2.1.d - Paying maximum attention to the rules of business ethics in the duties performed, not behaving that would prevent other employees from doing their jobs properly, and not disrupt the work harmony.

2.1.e - Not to act, make a statement or correspondence that would leave the company under commitment unless clearly authorized.

2.1.f - To take care of all tangible and intangible assets of the company as if it were personal property, to protect them against possible loss, damage, misuse, abuse, theft and sabotage.

2.1.g - Never to use working time and company resources for political social activities without permission, regardless of their monetary value.

2.1.h - To always be simple and stylish, suitable for the business environment, to avoid wearing clothes that are incompatible with the seriousness of the institution and expressing a political view.

2.1.i - Not to act against gender equality, respect and general moral behavior in the institution.

2.1.j - Turkon Logistics does not make donations to political parties, politicians or political candidates. Demonstrations, propaganda and similar activities are not allowed within the boundaries of the workplaces. Company resources (such as vehicles, computers, e-mails) cannot be allocated to political activities. Membership in any non-governmental organization representing the Company and participation in its activities can be carried out within the Company's knowledge. 

2.1.k - As Turkon Logistics and its employees, maximum effort should be made to behave respectfully and thoughtfully in all relations of the Company and considering the attitude, behavior and appearance, ensuring the internal hierarchy, sharing information with colleagues - transfer / delivery obligation, equality of opportunity.

2.1.l - If the employees learn or suspect that the Turkon Logistics Code of Ethical Conduct or the laws and regulations that the company is subject to have been violated, they are obliged to immediately forward this to the Internal Control Directorate. A notification will be made to the established e-mail or phone line. The identity of the employee making this report will be kept strictly confidential.



2.3.a - Conflict of interest refers to the situation where employees have any financial or similar personal interests provided to themselves, their relatives, friends, or the person or organizations with whom they are related, in a way that may or may affect their performance of their duties in an impartial manner.

In this respect, Turkon Logistics employees,

2.3.b use their time and effort for the institution, do not assume any other responsibility that may create a conflict of interest, and do not work with any real or legal person other than Turkon Logistics.

2.3.c - Do not achieve undue advantage, by using their titles and powers, in favor of themselves, their families or third parties. They avoid conflicts of interest in favor of themselves or their families, or to trigger circumstances that generate that impression, and they do not engage in the decision process in matters that affect the interests of their own or of their families.

2.3.d - Do not allow gifts or offers of interest that could affect their own decisions and consent or create a conflict of interest; they never accept money or gifts that can be turned into money other than symbolic gifts (chocolate, calendar, agenda, etc.) that have no material value and do not give them to their intended recipients.

2.3.e – In any circumstances, our employees do not enter into any personal financial relations with their customers and suppliers in the process of carrying out their duties or in relation to these duties, and they do not obtain personal benefits by using their business relations. They never borrow money or enter into a surety relationship.

2.3.f - Participation in invitations  - including conferences, promotional events, seminars, sports activities, domestic / international trips that are open to the general participation of persons or institutions with the potential to be in a business relationship, and that are effective in decision-making or that may be perceived as such - is subject to the approval of the Executive Board member, General Manager, and Director.

2.3.g - In personal investments to be made, they take care not to fall into a conflict of interest with the current institution. They take note that personal investments to be made do not preclude them from performing their duties in Turkon Logistics in terms of giving time and attention, and avoid such circumstances that prevent focusing on the main tasks.

2.3.h – It is a very important issue to be taken into account when our workers quit their duties in the company, set up a company or do business in our community as a partner or manager to another company, in the form of a supplier, a contractor, a consultant or the like. Before or after such a process, it is necessary to act within the Company's interests, to abide by moral and ethical rules, and to prevent conflicts of interest before and after the process.

2.3.i - In case of re-employment of an employee who has left the company, it is required that he/she is not dismissed due to violation of the Code of Ethics and the principles of practice.



2.4.a - Turkon Logistics is against abuse, bribery and all kinds of corruption. Our group is extremely sensitive and meticulous in combating with bribery and corruption. All our employees are obliged to comply with anti-corruption rules and relevant legislation and laws.



3.1.a - Our group aims to fully ensure worker health and safety at work and on-the-job. Employees obey the rules and instructions set for this purpose and take the necessary precautions. They accept occupational health and safety improvement activities as the common responsibility of all employees.

3.1.b - In the workplace, employees shall not keep any property or substance that poses a danger to the workplace and / or workers or is of an illegal nature.

3.1.c – In the workplace, employees, except for those on the basis of a valid doctor's report, will never keep drugs and substances addictive, mental or physical activity restricting or eliminating.




4.1.a - All e-mails should be created considering that they can be accepted as legal records and written with a professional expression. Communication by e-mail must be ethical and must be carefully reviewed before response messages are sent.
If confidential information needs to be transmitted via the internet, it should be sent using secure (encrypted) e-mail. Attached files that will adversely affect the system capacity, not related to work, and contain audio and video should not be transferred.

4.1.b - They do not communicate and share on social media channels not provided or controlled by the Company, and on public or personal forums, blogs, social media accounts, on the web and on any platform including mobile applications.

4.1.c - Turkon Logistics reserves the right to monitor whether the e-mail, computer files or systems allocated to its employees are used properly.



4.2.a - Employees should avoid situations that may lead to any negative evaluations about the institution in the relations of Turkon Logistics with the press, and practices and behaviors that may damage the trust, reputation and stability of the institution or create unfair competition.

4.2.b - Any request for interviews or explanations to be used in the media (newspaper, magazine, television, internet, etc.) will definitely be coordinated and answered by the Company senior management. Without the consent of senior management, employees cannot make any statements to the written, verbal or visual media about the company. Written approval of the senior management is required in order to speak, present a paper or become a panelist in meetings organized by others such as congresses, conferences and seminars. Likewise, articles, texts or pictures cannot be prepared without approval and by using company titles.

4.2.c - All kinds of written or verbal communication should be done in a professional manner and in accordance with our ethical rules. What we say, write and do should clearly reflect the values and expectations of Turkon Logistics. This policy applies to all types of communication, including voicemails, emails, official notes and reports.