Turkon Logistics aim to produce high quality customer-oriented logistics service by prioritizing occupational health and safety and environmental awareness.

Our mission is to always steer the path of progress for the better without leaving human orientation and respect for the nature we are a part of. In line with this understanding, we establish our environmental management systems and determine our goals and objectives.

Turkon Logistics commit to be the defender of the indispensable values required by transparency and business ethics.

The first use of the word risk is maritime, where we can find the roots of Turkon. Turkon Logistics tries to analyze the environment and business environment in which it works in depth in terms of risk and reveal the necessary precautions and solutions by carrying the existing risk perception at its roots to the modern concept of "risk society".

Turkon Logistics prioritize creating environmental awareness in their field of activity, taking into account the use of natural resources and preventing pollution, sustainable development in harmony with nature.

All institutions exist with the people who created them and they are in contact with. We aim to make working with Turkon Logistics a pleasure as well as ensuring our customers moving forward with us with the high quality of the service.

The living standards of our employees and the quality of their working environment are at the focus of our business awareness.

While carrying out their activities, Turkon Logistics undertake to comply with the national and international practice and environmental legislation they are obliged to comply with and the agreements they have signed voluntarily.