Turkon Logistics was founded at the end of 2011 and began its operations in the first days of 2012 and continues its operations in the area of logistics, which has continued to this day, within the body of Turkon Holding. With its wide agency network and international connections, it aims to perform your sea , air and road shipments in the field of import and export, and to offer the best service at the most competitive prices. Turkon Logistics INC., with its corporate structure and the experience of being in the sector for many years, has been doing Project Transportation with great success. With its high experience in Sea Transportation, it is a company that can easily handle all shipments anywhere in the world without any tonnage or volume limitation. You can always expect the highest level of safety and reliability from our Company, which is an expert in heavy cargo transportation, project and cargo evacuation and transportation in all seas of the world.

The story of our group started with our goal to join forces in different areas of logistics and to provide services to our customers in all areas of logistics. We set out on this dream and merged our three business operations. And then we dreamed… With our philosophy of “always forward in every field we exist”, we added a spirit to our slogan and gave life to our colors.

GREEN represents our responsibility to nature,
BLUE stands for our roots, our passion for the sea,
PURPLE indicates the woman, her strength, endurance and existence in all areas of life
ORANGE represents our social responsibility awareness, knowledge, goodness and the power of creativity,
YELLOW symbolizes youth, productivity and modernity,
RED represents our everlasting energy that always carries us forward.
We continue to be your logistics partner with all our colors.


Forwarder Services
HEAD OFFICE Altunizade Mah. Ord. Prof. Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. No:33 Altunizade ÜSKÜDAR/İSTANBUL +90 216 544 18 00 tfreight@turkonlogistics.com
Road Services
İSTANBUL/AMBARLI BRANCH Altunizade Mah. Ord. Prof. Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. No:33 Altunizade ÜSKÜDAR/İSTANBUL +90 216 544 18 00 tkistanbul@turkonlogistics.com
İZMİR BRANCH Alsancak Mahallesi 1476. Sokak No:2, Aksoy Plaza Kat:14 D:47, 35220 Alsancak/Konak/İZMİR +90 232 422 32 22 tkizmir@turkonlogistics.com
BURSA BRANCH Gemport Gemlik Liman ve Depolama İşletmeleri A.Ş Ata Mah. Liman Cad. No 12 Liman içi İdari Bina 16600 Gemlik / BURSA +90 224 519 02 81 tkbursa@turkonlogistics.com
KOCAELİ BRANCH Kirazlıyalı Mah. 1 Mayıs Cad. No: 1 Evyap Liman Tesisleri Körfez/KOCAELİ +90 262 724 91 80 tkkocaeli̇@turkonlogistics.com
MERSİN BRANCH İsmet İnönü Blv. Yenimahalle Klas Plaza B Blok Kat 12 Daire 23-24 Akdeniz/Mersin +90 324 238 69 64 tkmersin@turkonlogistics.com
Railway Services
BOZÜYÜK ŞUBE Kasımpaşa Mah. Ali Usta Sok. No:12 Bozüyük / BİLECİK +90 228 314 28 82 tdoperasyon@turkonlogistics.com